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Welcome to the School Committee section of the district website. It is the goal of the school committee members to offer important and relevant information and to promote communication within our community.  We hope these pages will keep you better informed and provide you with many opportunities to get more involved in supporting our schools.

The APS and AB School Committees are elected by the voters to oversee the education of the children of Acton and Acton-Boxborough. Typically, each committee meets once a month on Thursdays to review programs and procedures, establish goals for the school system, and develop and monitor the budget. Community members are encouraged to attend our meetings or watch the proceedings live on cable-channel 99 (Comcast) and 41 (Verizon). We hope that you will become more knowledgeable about the critical issues that we all face together as the communities of Acton and Boxborough and become actively involved in supporting our public schools.

Please send any or all members of the committee an email expressing your views on any of the issues before the committee and the community. If you are interested in sending an email to all the members of the Acton Public School Committee, please use the following email address: If you are interested in sending an email to all the members of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee, please use the following email address: The Superintendent will also receive any emails sent to these addresses. Email messages sent to School Committee members become part of the public record per MGL: Chpt.66, Sec.10 Public Records Law. Typically, email messages are posted online with School Committee meeting materials including the author's name and town, unless otherwise requested.


School Committee members testified before the Massachusetts Joint Education Committee with a proposal for increased state aid for education. View their testimony and a chart of current state aid values.