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Sun & Planets

» Welcome to the Planets

» The Nine Ten Planets

» Mars Pathfinder Mission

» StarDate Guide to the Solar System

Visuals and text on planets, etc.

» Planet Sizes

Build models of the planets

» Discover our Solar System

Answering questions about the solar system

» Solar System Simulator

"Virtual" tour of planets or satellites.

» Virtual space journey

Detailed explanation on how to make your own solar system model.

» The Sun---Multimedia Tour


» Moonlight Madness

Easy to read descriptions of each phase. Pictures of each phase done as a "quiz"-- label the picture correctly and number the order. If you scroll down to the bottom, there is a place to click for a printable copy of the page (it gets rid of the black background).

» Moon Phases Calendar

Website with a monthly calendar with daily pictures of the phases. (In other words, what a moon journal should look like.

» Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures

Picture of the current phase of the moon. Chart to put in date to get phase on any date.

» Data Services

Data on sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset. Click on "Table of Sunrise/Sunset...." and put in city/town get sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset for today and a description of the moon phase.

» Earth and Moon Viewer


» Comet / Meteor Shower

» Stars and Constellations

» Liftoff to Space Exploration

» StarChild: A learning center for young astronomers

» Skywatcher's Diary

Daily calendar for the month telling what is in the sky.

» Astronomy Picture of the Day

With an explanation written by a professional astronomer. Links to other sites.

» ThinkQuest: Stars

ThinkQuest site is that you can browse it by age group, guaranteeing that all the is age-appropriate for your classroom. Tip: start with Parts of Our Site

» Mount Wilson Observatory

» Astronomy for Kids

Exploring space, puzzles, sky maps


» Ask the Astronomer

» Office of Space Flight

» NASA Shuttle Web: Ask the Crew a Question

» NASA K-12 Internet Initiative: Online Interactive Projects

» Star Child

» The Space Station

NASA site with videos, updates, and instructions for online communications with the space station.

» Solar System Simulator