Energy Sources

Energy Sources

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General Resources

» California Energy Commission

Basic information about the Energy Commission, its programs, proceedings, and statistics about energy production and use in California.

» Energy Quest CA

California energy education site for students with great resources for parents and teachers. Includes energy links, puzzles, and games.

» CA Consumer Energy Center

Learn about energy efficiency for the home or business, information about alternative fuel vehicles and energy efficient vehicles, and information about renewable energy.

Geothermal Energy

» Plus Side of Volcanoes: Geothermal Energy

Find out how volcanoes can generate energy for people to use, from the USGS.

» What is Geothermal Energy?

Learn all about this alternate form of energy that comes from the heat of the earth.


» The Nature of Water Power

Learn all about it, try some activities, or choose a hydro tour of fascinating facts. You can even walk through a hydroelectric project!

» California:- Water or Hydropower

Basic info about hydroelectricity from the California Energy Commission.

» EREN - Hydropower

Explains the different types and their power plants. Includes a link to basic information about how this kind of energy works and some advanced technologies.

» Facts About Hydropower

See charts and read interesting facts. Click the link at the top to learn how the power of falling water is converted into electric energy.

» Hydroelectric Dams

Find out how these feats of architecture work.

» Hydroelectric Power

Describes how water's mechanical energy is turned into electricity. From the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

» Hydroelectricity and Other Renewable Resources

Scientific analysis on the use of hydropower worldwide, from the Energy Information Administration.

» Hydropower - What Is It?

Learn about the basic process along with the advantages and disadvantages. Includes a focus on Hawaii's energy.

» Hydropower Program

From the U.S. Department of Energy.

» Small Hydropower Systems

Brief overview, theory, applications, case studies, and environmental impact.

» Use and Regulation of a Renewable Resource

Find out how and why waterpower is monitored, from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Nuclear Power

» ABC’s of Nuclear Science

Learn about basic nuclear science and radioactivity. Includes experiments, a glossary of terms, and safety information.

» Atomic Alchemy: Nuclear Processes

Learn about the atom, fusion, fission, and how these processes govern and shape the universe on this complex but informative ThinkQuest site.

» California: Nuclear

Basic info from the California Energy Commission.

» Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet

Explains the difference between this and regular uranium. Learn about its uses in nuclear energy and weapons, including its use during the Gulf War and health effects.

» Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Find out exactly how nuclear power is produced from uranium.

Solar Power

» Arizona Solar Center (AZSC)

Find out all about solar energy and technology in Arizona.

» California: Solar

Good introduction to solar power.

» Solar Energy Topics

» Roofus' Solar Home

Meet this crazy canine and find out what makes a home energy efficient. Lots of information on solar power.

» Solar Art Project Solarsail

Solar art project and power plant located in Münsingen, Switzerland.

» From Windmills to Whirligigs

See Vollis Simpson's windmill powered creations known as whirligigs.

» Guided Tour on Wind Energy

Learn about sources for this type of energy and the turbines that make it work.