Tigris and Euphrates Rivers-Mesopotamia

Framework Connections includes activities and lessons

map of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Resources includes URLs and maps

Glossary of terms needed in study

Bibliography includes titles of books, music, CD Roms, poetry, videos & field trips

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 Mesopotamia-Use the sites below to find out about ziggurats and cunieform writing.

Odyssey Online- Why did Humans begin to write? http://www.emory.edu/CARLOS/ODYSSEY/NEAREAST/writ.html

Pictographs and Phonetic Writing http://www.mrdowling.com/603-writing.html
Ancient Mesopotamia is a seventh grade World History/World Geography unit designed to be used by both students and teachers. It is designed in such a way that it can be used by students as an educational resource supplementary to the traditional social studies textbook, or it can be used by teachers in order to attain important vocabulary terms, vocabulary exercises, a study guide, an example quiz, hands-on activities, and final unit evaluations.


Technology: These sites include general information about the technological advances developed by the ancient Mesopotamians.





Culture:Includes information about the houses, buildings, and government.



Development of Cities:

Ancient Mesopotami is written by a seventh grade class. It includes some basic information but has some dead links also. http://www.ed.psu.edu/k-12/edpgs/su96/meso/mesopotamia.html#city

The New Book ofKnowledge site on Ancient Civilizations includes easy to read text about Mesopotamia but the graphics do not load correctly.



Troubled Waters-http://www.he.net/~archaeol/index.html An ancient trading center on the Euphrates is being partially flooded by dam construction, spurring last-minute rescue efforts.  

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